A structural crack is a spot where the foundation wall appears irregular or the width of the crack is about ¼” or wider. Some structural cracks in the foundation will require engineering specifications for basement foundation repair. The most obvious thing to look for is the presence of significant cracks in the foundation wall. A horizontal crack means there is a problem. While all cracks in the basement wall are generally bad, horizontal cracks are serious. Horizontal cracks are caused when the soil [mainly clay] is constantly expanding and contracting, putting the basement wall under a lot of pressure. Some walls, especially block foundation walls, tend to bend.

Signs of a damaged foundation may also include :

  • The formation of fine cracks that extend outside the foundation walls
  • The sinking or lifting of your soil and concrete around the foundation
  • Cracks forming inside basement walls on concrete, cinder blocks or finished drywall.
  • Misaligned or deficient doors and windows

Foundation Repair Costs

Repairing structural foundation problems can be challenging and costly. The cost of repairing the structural foundation of a basement can range from about $4,000 to $5,000 if cracks in the structural foundation are not repaired early enough. The cost can also increase if the repair of the foundation requires the use of machinery and engineers, which can double or triple the cost of repairing structural cracks. It is important to detect signs of a deficient foundation early to avoid having to make a serious repair to your foundation.

Not all foundation cracks are major and it is possible to repair a basement that leaks from the inside. Some small cracks can occur in foundation walls due to slight settlement of the house or seasonal expansion or contraction. You can repair these foundation cracks with epoxy crack injections under the right conditions. The epoxy will fill the crack and re-bond the pieces of concrete. This is an excellent service offered by experts to repair vertical foundation cracks and is less expensive than other waterproofing solutions.

If the basement is leaking, there is a problem and you should contact a foundation expert for advice. Freshly placed concrete tends to crack as the concrete shrinks during the curing process. These cracks are usually surface cracks and these basement foundation cracks may not extend the full width of the wall. The majority of common basement foundation cracks occur around basement windows and doors because they are a “void” in the foundation wall.

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