Solid foundations for the exceptional durability of your buildings!

At S.O.S. Mini Excavation, we have all the equipment and construction machinery needed to carry out most foundation-related work. We can either do the foundation excavations that will receive the foundations or do the inspection and foundation repair in Gatineau and region.

Foundation Repair

The foundation of your Gatineau home is important for the safety of your home and the stability of its construction. When a crack appears, moisture marks appear or the cement breaks, you should contact experts in the field of foundation repair in Gatineau.

There are many signs that indicate the need to perform a foundation repair in Gatineau. You may notice cracks in your floors, ceilings or walls. Since the foundations are not visible, problems can appear for months and years before the first signs appear.

The life expectancy of a foundation varies from house to house, depending on the composition of the cement used. The very first signs of a damaged foundation are the presence of cracks in the foundation and the destruction of the concrete. In Gatineau, more and more people are experiencing foundation damage related to the quality of the concrete used during construction. 

It should be noted that all foundation work begins with a visit to your home by our experts. Are you thinking of enlarging your house? Transforming your crawl space into a basement? Have cracks appeared on your foundation? We can help you carry out most of these works, whether it is to repair existing foundations or to prepare for the construction of a new foundation.

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