Some construction work requires excavations to be dug to ensure that they are properly carried out. For all excavation work, we are the specialists.


If you want to build on a solid foundation, sometimes you have to start from scratch. At other times, unexpected obstacles stand in our way, such as a mass of rock or old buildings that no longer have a purpose.


We are familiar with small lots and limited spaces! Our small construction equipment is expressly dedicated to the realization of work in limited space. Whether you are looking to replace your French drain or connect your home to utilities, our team can go anywhere to do the work you need. Our equipment can be adapted to most hard-to-reach areas to ensure that the required work is carried out properly.


There are three types of grading work: extraction, transport and implementation. Grading work may be required to prepare land for foundations to build a building. Grading work requires specialists who are prepared to solve any type of problem or difficulty that soil type, geology or weather could cause.


Contrairement à la croyance populaire, le drain français n’a rien d’européen. En effet, c’est une invention américaine. Le drain français est une sorte de tranchée en gravier avec un tuyau qui permet la redirection de l’eau loin des fondations.


At S.O.S. Mini Excavation, we have all the construction equipment needed to carry out most of the work related to the foundations. We can also dig the excavations that will receive the foundations or inspect and repair them.


The construction of your building or house is progressing well! Most of the work was carried out without any problems. It is now time to think about the many utilities that will have to be connected. Electricity, natural gas, Internet, telephone, sewer system, plumbing, water supply… These are just some of the utilities that we can collaborate to connect in conformity with the standards and rules in effect.

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